The Apj Gods are some dudes who created many Apj's before in the past, they created actually penguins eating cakes, their last descendant is Apj27, which copied Apj26, as the Apj Gods find out about that, they soon eliminated Apj27 and Apj27 disappeared. Apj27 only came on Club Penguin Wikia chat once on January 2013 and he hasn't returned since then.


  • If one of the Apj Gods' descendants makes a mistake, they take off 5 years of life and give it to Chabelo (THAT'S WHY HE'S IMMORTAL!)
  • All the Apjs (Except Apj27) and the Apj Gods love to eat cake.
  • If someone says that he hates cake or he doesn't like cake, the Apj Gods kill that dude and give all of its years of life remaining left to Chabelo (THAT'S WHY HE'S IMMORTAL!)
  • Some of the Apj Gods made a cameo appearance on the famous TV Show from Cartoon Network, Regular Show in some episodes such as "Free Cake", "Exit 9B", etc.