Apj26 is Historicalcp's nemesis, archenemy, and a villain of Club Pony. He has the secret identity of Cake Man. He has an evil brother named Apj27 which is on Phineas99's side also.

Apj26 all what does is of CAKE CAKE CAKE! He doesn't think any crap else but Cake.


  • If you go to his wiki's chat, and say pie, Apj26 will ban you because pie is censored.
  • He was supposed to be the last descendant of the Apj Gods until Apj27 arrived on January 2013.
  • Apj27 is better than Apj26 (Duh)
  • Apj26 has 50% of the Apj Gods' power, meaning he can do some that only the Apj Gods can do, but not with a higher autority. Example: He can take like 2 years of live from anybody and give it to Chabelo instead.